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Kickstart your Lifestyle Change with The WIN Programme!

1st March, 2018 10:00am


This 6 week intensive programme is aimed at those wishing to initiate a serious lifestyle change in order to address a range of health issues including diabetes, weight gain, stress and healthy eating. The objective is to start you on an integrated approach to a healthier sustainable lifestyle. The programme does this by offering a ‘package’ of sessions and workshops from our qualified Practitioners along with monitoring and support to help achieve your targets.

  • The programme includes:
    • Induction meeting
    • 5 week x 1.5 hr Mindfulness course
    • 1 x 4hr Practical Cookery and Healthy Eating workshop
    • 1 x selected weekly Yoga or Pilates session from our timetable
    • 2 x Fitness Assessment session with Personal Trainer
    • 1 x weekly Group Training session with Personal Trainer
    • Weekly Support Group
    • A 1hr session 1:1 with a Life Coach in Week 6

This intensive programme requires a considerable commitment throughout a 6 week period but does offer some flexibility for participants to work it into their calendar.

Participants will receive feedback during the programme and will take away a feedback form regarding their health status which they can make available to their GP.

The Practitioners involved are: Personal Trainer Jamie Nelson, Mindfulness Practitioner Julia Seymour, Life Coach Sheena King, Nutritional Therapist Hilda Solomons (Cookery workshop), Yoga/Pilates teachers Diane Prangnell, Helena Nilsson Ghosh, Luiza Smaglinska and Barbara Dancer.


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